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Health 2.0 Empowers Patients & Collaboration Just as Politics Worries Doctors! 


Are independent medical practices an endangered species?

 Writing for Time – journalist Bonnie Rochman divulged the ramifications of patients sharing information and tips online, an “empowerment movement” she calls “Patient 2.0.” And, in an investigative report, she profiled the newly created Society for Participatory Medicine, which “encourages patients to learn as much as they can about their condition to help doctors support them on their data-intensive quest”.

Moreover, the NEJM recently said that 50% of physicians will leave medicine within five years because of ObamaCare [Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act]. Private health care is recommended only after due diligence is done by  individuals. Online resources that offer invaluable information usually  comes with detailed information on various insurance needs and come with  up-to-date quote on health  insurance rates.


 Join us and re-engineer your medical practice to succeed as a participatory physician in the modern era.

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