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The Business of Medical Practice [Version 3.0] will change the private practice landscape by following three important principles.

First, we have assembled a world-class editorial advisory board and independent team of contributors and asked them to draw on their experience in clinical practice, thought leadership and managerial decision making for the private sector. Like many readers, each struggles mightily with the decreasing revenues, increasing costs, and high consumer expectations in today’s competitive medical marketplace.  Yet, their experience and applied operating vision is a source of objective information, informed opinion, and crucial information for the Business of Medical Practice and this companion blog forum.

Second, our writing style for the Business of Medical Practice allows us to condense a great deal of information into the book, and the blog. We integrate prose, applications and regulatory perspectives with real-world case models, as well as charts, tables, diagrams, sample contracts, and checklists.  The result is a comprehensive oeuvre of medical management and operation strategies, vital to all doctors, medical practices, physician executives, administrators and consulting business advisors.

Third, as editors of the Business of Medical Practice, we prefer engaged readers who demand compelling content. According to conventional wisdom, printed books should be a relic of the past, from an era before instant messaging, blogs and high-speed connectivity. Our experience shows just the opposite on this hybrid platform. Applied medical practice management literature has grown exponentially in the past decade and the plethora of Internet information makes updates that sort through the clutter and provide strategic analysis all the more valuable. Oh, they should provide some personality and wit, too!  Don’t forget, beneath the spreadsheets, profit and loss statements, and financial models are patients and colleagues who depend on you in an increasingly collaborative manner.

Rest assured, the Business of Medical Practice will continue to be an important vehicle for the advancement of working knowledge and the dissemination of research information and best practices in our field.  In the years ahead, we trust these principles will enhance utility and add value to your premium book, and this free companion subscription blog.  Most importantly, we hope to increase your return on investment by some increment.  

If you have any comments or would like to contribute material or suggest topics for a future update, please contact me. And, if some topic of interest is not found in the book, please search this site. If still vacated, feel free to ask our blog visitors, readers, subscribers and colleagues.

Tap into the wealth of information in the entire Business of Medical Practice online and onground ecosystem. We are here for you  

Hope Rachel Hetico
[Managing Editor]

Free Ancillary Material not in the Print Book:

Costs and page length constraints may sometime preclude the inclusion of certain topics and chapters considered important by the diverse and geographically disparate purchasers and readers of the hardcover book, the Business of Medical Practice [Version 3.0]. 

And so, as we are informed of such topical interests, every attempt will be made to include a modicum of the requested information on this bog and will be listed below going forward. Readers are also encouraged to contribute to this growing library and repository font of knowledge:

1. Healthcare Six-Sigma Quality Improvement

Healthcare Sig Sigma

2. Medical Career Development

Medical Career Development

3. Dissecting [Understanding] Malpractice Trials


4. Health 2.0 Firm Examples:

Health 2.0 Examples

More here: ORDER:


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