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[Transformational Health 2.0 Profit Maximization for Savvy Doctors]  – 3rd edition

Dr. David Edward Marcinko; MBA [Editor-in-Chief]Dr. DEM

Dr. David E. Marcinko enjoys public speaking and gives as many talks each year as possible, at a variety of medical, pharmaceutical and financial society conferences around the country and world.

These have included lectures and visiting professorships at major academic centers, keynote lectures for hospitals, health economic seminars and health systems, discussions at city and statewide healthcare and political coalitions, and annual endnote lectures for a variety of internal yearly meetings.

CV Link: dem-formal-cv

Texts Link: imba-inc-health-economics-books-for-physicians

Topics Link: imba-inc-firm-services

Dr. Marcinko’s talks tend to be engaging, iconoclastic and humorous. His most popular presentations include a diverse variety of traditional and emerging Health 2.0 topics like those in this text, in his other books, and/or most topics covered by commentators on this blog. 

CONTACT US [Readers, Press, Societies, Advertising and the Media]

Ann Miller; RN, MHA [Executive Director, Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc]. Suite #5901 Wilbanks Drive, Norcross GA, USA 30092-1141 [770.448.0769]

MEDIA APPEARANCES [Recent/Upcoming]:

Healthy Aging [The Age Management Magazine for Physicians]. Interview on the Physician Credit Crunch

Medical News of Arkansas [Stimulus Can Help Boost Hospitals in Recession]. Interview on Best Practices

How Doctors Get Paid [Workshop for Pharma Representatives].


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