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[Transformational Health 2.0 Profit Maximization for Savvy Doctors] – 3rd edition

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“As a layperson frequently called upon to assist physicians and surgeons in communication and marketing efforts, Dr. Marcinko’s savvy book has been invaluable in educating me and advising my work. He is successful in describing and actually bringing to life both the macro and micro of this increasingly vexing enterprise of achieving profit in this pressured sector, where doctors are required not only to wear many professional and societal hats, but also to portray many conflicting roles as expert, helper, compassionate advisor, master technician, astute businessperson, educator, hyper-time operator, lifelong student and so many others. His mastery of the subject or rather subjects provides an undertone of finiteness and even assurance to a field that is confusing and even exasperating to many in it. More than anything else, Dr. Marcinko illuminates by establishing explicit and useful disciplined organization to the sprawling and apparently boundless subject of how to stay afloat and persevere in a useful and effective practice – Highly recommended”. Paul E. Saevig [Newport Bech, CA]

“And so, the pressures facing physicians are great, but so are their resources. Information technology is one resource, this book is another, but the greatest of all is the innate curiosity and drive to discover and create that seems to be so much a part of those who are drawn to this noble profession.”  Ahmad Hashem; MD, PhD [Microsoft’s Healthcare Industry Solutions Group]

“I have read and used this book, and several others, from Dr. Marcinko.” John Kelley; DO [Orthopedic Surgeon, Tucker, GA]

“I am gathering information for one of my colleagues. He started by ordering the book from Amazon. I’ll be in touch if he decides to order additional material or enroll in the course.”  Sarah Svindland [Foundry Financial Group, Laconia, NH]

I could have used this book in the past, and I will certainly refer to it frequently now.” Carol EH Scott-Conner; MD, PhD, MBA
[American College of Physician Executives]

“Dr. Marcinko has once again produced what is arguably the essential medical management work for physicians in todays dynamically changing and increasingly business oriented practice environment.” Robert James Cimasi; MHA, ASA, CBA, AVA [Health Capital Consultants LLC, St. Louis, MO]                                         

“Any doctor and advisor building a profitable medical practice must read this book and return to it for reference.”
Yuval Lirov; MBA [Consultant, New Jersey]

“I highly recommend this book and commend Dr. Marcinko & the Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc. on a job well done.”
Manuel J. Colón; MD [American College of Emergency Room Physicians]

“This book is destined to become the classic practice management textbook for all physicians, and is a must-read for the nation’s more than two million, independent healthcare providers and their related business and financial advisors.” Antonio Silvas; MD, MBA [Emory University – Goizueta School of Business, Atlanta, GA]

“I was looking forward to improving my understanding of the healthcare space, and found this book more comprehensive than its peers. It helped me understand what really affects a medical practice. It is a fine read for the physician and administrative professional interested in improving the profitability of any medical practice specialty.” Amaury S-Cifuentes; CFP® [FAC Wealth Management, Hollywood, Florida]

“I perform orthopedic surgery and read this book. It is excellent. Well done, Dr. Marcinko and staff.”  David Lumsden; MD, MS [Baltimore, Maryland]

“I have read the book and used iMBA Inc consulting services on several occasions.”  Marsha Lee; DO [Radiologist, Norcross, GA]    

“As both a doctor and an attorney, I work on both sides of the fence. I enjoy relationships, both socially and professionally with clients of both professions. Through these sources, I was referred to Dr. Marcinko’s book. I must say, being savvy is not what it used to be AND Dr. Marcinko has explained that. This editor and his contributors have written chapters and supplements, take time to teach professionals how to become savvy and actually expand rather than stagnate. The ideas are practical, not hypothetical like we pose at trial or deposition. For my medical brethren, the book looks at managed care through the eyes of one of us and exhibits the skills we will need to prosper in a speculative medical management environment. For either profession, the insights are a wonderful addition for providing peace of mind.” Dr. Jay S. Grife Esq. [Jacksonville, FLA]

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5 thoughts on “Book Reviews & Testimonials

  1. Medicine as a business

    From MD-to-MBA

    In this book, doctors are encouraged to be smart business entrepreneurs. Medical journals discuss adding courses to the medical school curriculum on how to run a business. The Internet is replete with business coaches – some of them former doctors – who will offer advice and on-going support designed to increase profits.

    On Amazon one can purchase The Business of Medical Practice: [Advanced Profit Maximization Techniques for Savvy Doctors]. On medical blogs, doctors share their advice on things such as how to sell pharmaceuticals directly to patients.

    Jan Henderson PhD

  2. The Business of Medical Practice [2nd edition]

    Doctors are often highly trained in the field of medicine, but are not taught about the daily aspects of operating a client-centered, yet profitable practice.

    This comprehensive multi-authored text contains over 450 pages of highly specific and well-documented information that will be interest to physicians in private practice, academics, and in medical management.

    The book is organized into three sections: Qualitative Aspects of Medical Practice, Quantitative Aspects of Medical Practice, and Contemporary Aspects of Medical Practice. Appendices include sample management service agreements, and information on medical unions and public perception of physician salaries.

    A particularly useful feature is a brief biosketch of each contributor, complete with contact information.

  3. Business of Medical Practice

    This is the practice “Bible” for all physician owners and physician financial advisors. With thirty seven chapters and over 700 pages this is mandatory reading on the topics related to all major topics covering the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the business side of today’s medical practice written by experts in the field.

    The evolution in health care has created even a greater need for business savvy physicians and has also created a entire niche of financial advisors that focus on advising these business owners physicians. And, this text fills the gap left by Medical Schools and MBA programs that do not cover this subject matter with any degree of competency.

    As a physician financial advisor I found the information about various aspects of medical practice management very useful in understanding and advising my physician clients concerning their practices.

    David K. Luke, MIM
    [Physician Financial Planner]
    Certified Medical Planner™ candidate

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