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Office Case Models in Healthcare Business 

[A Practice Improvement Compendium]

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Regardless of specialty, most doctors quickly realize there are few case model guidelines available to steer them through the day-to-day management maze. One solution is to discuss best-of-breed practices with leading practitioners in order to discern what successful doctors are doing [mentoring concept].

The Problem

Of course, this is a costly and time consuming process with no criteria for success. Today, mentors are even loath to assist as competitive advantage can be lost.

A Solution

A better solution may be to use our Case Models in Healthcare [A Practice Improvement Compendium] to appreciate real-world practice situations and develop personalized approaches for an appropriate course of action. These techniques are so powerful that many business schools center their teaching on them. Case studies have been used for one hundred years because of their practical descriptions of actual situations.

Typically, information is presented about a practice’s patients, markets, competition, financial structure, service volumes, management, employees and other factors affecting success. The length of a case study may range from a few pages to 30, or more. And, our Case Models in Healthcare [A Practice Improvement Compendium] is suitable for medical practices, clinics, hospitals and other emerging healthcare entities.

We use three different methods to enhance your knowledge and launch your practice’s success: 

  • Prepared case-specific questions, with detailed answers, to illustrate underlying practice management concepts.
  • Problem-solving analysis, styled after Harvard Business School, to learn intuitive skills for resolving various practice issues.
  • A “no-answer” strategic planning approach to develop your ability to analyze a complex situation, generate a variety of possible strategies, and select the “best” from multiple self-generated solutions. 

Case Model Topics

We give you more than 25 healthcare administration cases, covering the enterprise wide practice management ecosystem, to champion your financial success: 

  1. Market Competition
  2. Operations Management
  3. Capital Formation
  4. Cash Flow Management
  5. Revenue Analysis
  6. Hybrid Costing
  7. OSHA Model
  8. Economic Order Quantity Costing
  9. USA Patriot Act
  10. Mixed Costing
  11. Managerial Accounting
  12. Cost Volume Profit Analysis
  13. Insurance Contract Analysis
  14. Incurred but Not Reported Claims
  15. Accounts Receivable
  16. Cost Accounting
  17. Medical Contract Negotiations
  18. Workplace Violence
  19. HIPAA
  20. Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  21. Medicare Compliance
  22. Health Information Technology
  23. IRS Form 990
  24. Hospital Valuations
  25. HIT Security
  26. Medical Endowment Funds; and others.

 Bonus Features

 We also include at no additional charge: 

1. Glossary of Insurance and Managed Care

2. Glossary of Health Economics and Finance

3. Glossary of Health IT and Security

To help avoid administrative worries, you need Case Models in Healthcare [A Practice Improvement Compendium].

Sample Case Model: WV 1 

Promo Letter: Letterhead Case Models Compendium


“I thought about going back to business school to enhance my practice management knowledge – but now I have these case models that help solve many office problems and assist in difficult administrative situations.”  [Dr. Michael Lampkin, MD] 

Product Specifications: Adobe Acrobat Reader® required – both Mac and PC compatible. And, the handsome, sturdy package makes the CD-ROM an ideal gift for the recent graduate, mid-career doctor or mature medical practitioner; office manager, CXO or healthcare administrator.

TO ORDER: Please send your check or money order [for the CD] to: iMBA Inc, Suite #5901 Wilbanks Drive, Norcross, GA 30092-1141 [770.448.0769] or

OR – you may order electronically right here:

Only: $ 99.00 USD [includes SPH & tax].


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