Health 2.0 Transformation Defined


[Transformational Health 2.0 Profit Maximization for Savvy Doctors] – 3rd edition

Practicing Medicine in the Web 2.0 Era

A Slide-Show Multi-Definitional Presentation [ What it is – How it works]

Here at the Business of Medical Practice [Version 3.0] website, we are always searching the relevant universe for interesting people, innovative ideas and novel approaches for unique and competitive healthcare delivery models. And so, we think we’ve found a winner in this futuristic IT presentation courtesy of our colleague Dr. Bertalan Mesko. 

About the Author

The author of Practicing Medicine in the Web 2.0 Era is Bertalan Mesko of Debrecen, Hungary. He graduated from the University of Debrecen, is a popular medical 2.0 blogger and founder of

In Bert’s Opinion 



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Our Health 2.0 Definition

Dictionary of Health Information Technology and Security



Please take a minute to post a comment or opine and tell us what you think of this new era and next generation medical practice business model?

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