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4 thoughts on “Message Boards for the BMP 3.0

  1. How Can Physicians and Medical Practices use Social Media to Business Advantage?

    Can Twitter and related social networks be used for developing medical practice management tools, disseminating related information or monitoring payer reimbursement issues? How about more specific professional media like Semo?

    For example, John Mack, of the PharmaMarketing Blog, said back in June 2008 that Pharma would never embrace social media.

    On the other hand, Centecor just launched Medversation for REMICADE(R) (infliximab), a web-based resource designed to facilitate more-informed conversations between US physicians and their patients about the efficacy and safety of certain immune mediated inflammatory diseases and treatment considerations – suggesting the opposite opinion.

    1. How has your practice used social media?
    2. Does it mater at all??

    Please opine and advise!

    Dr. James Williams

  2. The Healthcare 100 Blogs

    Did you know that some Web sites list the most influential blogs in a specific industry?

    For example, AdAge Power150 (, run by Advertising Age magazine, shows the top media and marketing blogs, while’s HealthCare100 ranks the top English-language health-care blogs.

    Check it out!

    Hope Hetico; RN, MHA
    [Managing Editor]

    1. Hi Daniel,When it comes to sales, I believe enovyere would benefit from reading this book. Let us stop and think about sells. We all have to be a sales person in our lives. We sale product, and we are always trying to sale ourselves. Even our ideas. Say you have an idea to share with a partner, don’t you try to sell him or her on the idea. Life is about sell in all ways. We even try to sell our children on our thoughts.Anyway that is my opinnion and I hope you are all buying in to what I am trying express. Thanks Daniel for reminding me the importants of selling.Have a good day!Debbie

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